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Applying for a rental is an involved process.  Locating a rental that meets your needs and budget can be a challenging process, however, it is just step one.  Along with your list of properties you will need to be prepared to make a lot of calls and see a number of residences.  The property manager may not always call you back.  Trust me agents get so many calls long after the residence is rented many give up trying to return the calls.  You will find many of the properties listed for rent are already taken.  Some of the web sites do not remove the listing for months.  Knowing how frustrating it can be I make an effort to return every call.

Beginning your search...

Once you have found a rental that meets your needs and fits your budget you are now at step two.  There is the application to fill out with a long list of information required to be considered at a tenant.

Increasing your chances when applying for a rental...

To increase your chances of being the chosen tenant, before you start the rental hunting process, create a packet that you will carry with you to ever viewing.  It should contain copies, in packets, of the information you will need to apply for a rental.  If you are interested in the property offer the property manager a packet; you will be ahead of the crowd.

Be prepared...

The packet should contain information for all adult parties that would be living at the residences. 

a.      Full names, address and phone number of all adults who will be residing in the residence.

b.      Full names of any minors who would be living at the residence.

c.       Full names, current or former, landlords, addresses and phone numbers.

d.      A reference from your current and/or previous landlord if available.

e.      Name of employer(s), work place, address and phone numbers.

f.        Copy of pay stubs; three months.

g.      A copy of bank account; three months; showing funds available for security deposit, first months’ rent and security/credit reports.

h.      A copy of driver’s license(s).

i.        Automobile(s): Model, year and Insurance Company, policy number, your agents’ name and number.

j.        The property manager is going to run your credit report and most likely a criminal background checks.  If you have a copy of your credit report be sure to include it.  Having a current copy showing you are dependable will put you ahead of the crowd.

k.       At least (3) personal references; names, addresses and phone numbers.  A written paragraph from each would set you apart from the crowd.

There will other questions depending on the property manager, however, the above information will definitely be on the list.

You will need to more quickly...

Rentals go quickly so having this information ready will help give you a head start in applying for a rental. 

If you need additional help applying for a rental let me hear from you.

Next we lets talk about what you are about to sign and what to look out for...

Barbara B Diener Realtor PB



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