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As a Hawaii Property Managemer Oahu specialist my goal is to assist owners with the important task of administrating their property

Helping you win by keeping your
Treasured Hawaiian Real Estate Rented

A property continuously rented with quality tenants is a winner all around and a successful property.

There are specific steps that must be taken to make sure you enjoy this type of rental property success.

The System is the Solution!
Property Manager Oahu
Has a System

  • A thorough process of tenant screening (background check, FICO credit scores and employment worthiness)
  • Effective marketing and advertising of your property
  • Prospective tenants are provided detailed timely property showings
  • Lease terms negotiated & executed on your behalf
  • Deposit/monthly rent collection; which means you get paid on time
  • Performance of repair/maintenance on your behalf keeping your property in good condition and more importantly no more late night or weekend calls for you to deal with
  • Check in and Check out inspections  
  • Detailed financials
  • Proper tax paperwork that eases your burden at tax time; ask about GET filings

Marketing is the Key

Marketing is required in order to rent your home or condo.

I’ll place all advertising required to rent your property on your behalf.

There are specific procedures and places to attract quality tenants through proper marketing methods.

Over the years, I’ve cultivated relationships and knowledge on Oahu that translate to incoming phone calls from desirable prospective tenants.

My years of experience and contact base are available for your benefit as your Hawaii property management specialist.

Detailed Tenant Selection

Too many property management companies have a tendency to allow for “on the edge” tenants.

I choose carefully. This is an absolutely vital aspect to keeping you happy as owner and your property in tip-top performance mode long-term. I choose carefully.

From the first step of a thorough screening process, to ensuring you have quality tenants living in your property; my focus is on choosing tenants deserving of a place in your “world”.

Credit & rental histories are attentively checked. References are called to ensure we see a history of timely rental payments over an acceptable time period.

I provide you with copies of all pertinent documents relating to your property and am personally available to you by email and phone.

Fair Value Rents

Keeping up with today’s fair market values on Oahu is a top priority for me and a must in pricing your rental correctly. Too high and you can miss out on that qualified tenant; too low and you lose valuable income.

This means you can be assured of receiving optimal rents that keep your residential property occupied with qualified tenants while providing you the maximum investment capital possible.

Excellent Communication

From our first consultation forward I'll make sure our lines of communication are open and effective.

By knowing your precise concerns, expectations & goals I’ll be able to help you get the most from your real estate investment. Of equal importance, I can guide you through the process and help you know what to expect as a property owner now and as we move forward.

Communication is vital when working with your tenants. Your wishes will be plain to your tenant. They will know upfront what you expect as an owner.

I find this process helps everything go smoothly from our first meeting all the way to placing a long-term tenant into your property.

Ready to discuss the possibilities of working together? Let’s arrange a time to talk & see if my Hawaii property management expertise is the correct fit for you and your property.  Fill out the form below or Give me a call...

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