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While you sift through the various Oahu residential rental properties available, I’d like to offer some solid renter’s tips.

As an Oahu property manager I can help guide you through the process. Once I have an idea of what you're looking for, I'll share with you what I’m looking for as the representative for the property owner you’re ultimately renting from.

It's Important to Have Your
Proper Paperwork Ready

Some examples of paperwork that helps make you stand out from other prospective renters include:

  • References – These may be from current or former employers or colleagues, as well as from former and current landlords; as much as they love you it is best to only use friends and family as personal references.
  • Rental Application – If you previously picked one up or would like an application emailed or faxed to you be sure to ask and have it completed when you come in for your first interview

Never Be Afraid To Ask

Throughout my years renting Oahu residential rental properties I’ve discovered that some potential renters are uncomfortable or unwilling to ask questions prior to signing their lease.

In reality, it’s in the best interest of all parties involved if you ask questions upfront.

If you don't share what you're looking for or what your concerns are you could move in and find it's not the right property for you. If you're looking for quiet, how quiet, why (baby, sick?).

Oahu beach house and cottage

Meeting your rental needs to the needs of the property owner is all about human agreements.

We’ll ask questions of you such as your current and past employment or rental history and it’s your right to ask questions in return.

You want to do this so you understand everything you’ll be held to once you agree to rent the property.

You also want to feel comfortable in the fact that a property manager like myself wants to build a solid working relationship with you. I want you to feel comfortable calling me if you have questions or need assistance..

Signing a lease is signing a legal document. It’s a major decision when committing to your living arrangements over an extended period of time. It’s important that you have all questions answered prior to making your commitment.

I invite you to visit my Home Renter’s Guide for further tips and resources you may need going forward.

As well, if you would like assistance in finding one of the best Oahu rental properties I invite you to call, text me or fill out form below.

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